ExxonMobil Relaunches Texas Oil Refinery

Unprecedented weather disruptions in Texas have prompted ExxonMobil to shut down its Beaumont, Texas oil refinery. It did not reopen until this Saturday, February 27, 2021 as the state’s weather returned to its seasonal normals.

Oil production resumes at 300,000 bpd

Initially shut down on February 15, nearly all units at ExxonMobil’s Beaumont, Texas refinery restarted on Saturday, February 27. The 120,000 bpd gasoline fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) and the 65,000 bpd diesel hydrocracker were restarted.

The refinery has regained a production capacity of over 369,000 barrels per day (bpd).

The objective is to support the recovery of the economy at half-mast. For good reason, the state has just been hit by an unprecedented cold snap. Texas, normally, is more used to a subtropical climate. In fact, the infrastructures are not adapted to polar climates.

The situation has even led to fears of a humanitarian crisis. Food was indeed starting to run out of supermarket shelves, as well as drinking water due to lack of transportation.

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