Axpo develops two wind farms in Romania

D'ici huit ans, Axpo vise une capacité de 10 GW dans les parcs solaires et 3 GW pour les sites d'énergie éolienne (archives).

Today, Axpo is the largest producer of renewable energy in Switzerland and one of the leading companies in Europe. The company announces the expansion of its wind power business, which currently has 3.5 GW of installed capacity worldwide. Also, it plans to develop two wind farms with a combined total of 38 wind turbines in Romania.

Axpo develops two new wind farms

Axpo has just announced the development of two new wind farms in Romania. While the project is currently in the planning phase, construction is expected to begin in late 2023.

The two parks will be located approximately 100 km northeast and 200 km east of Bucharest respectively. Axpo estimates the annual production of the plants at 750 GWh of electricity. This represents the electricity consumption of about 375,000 Romanian households.

Axpo will work closely with local partner Aquarius Energy Developments to complete the project. Moreover, the development of wind energy in Romania will create many jobs. The entire project development sector will benefit, from land acquisition to operations management.

A desire to develop new markets

Axpo is pursuing a niche strategy in new markets. In other words, this represents markets that are not the focus of large wind energy developers.

Romania meets most of the key criteria in the evaluation of new markets. In fact, there is a strong demand for renewable energies, which is sustained at the local level. In addition, the market is currently medium-sized with few restrictions in the planning process. Finally, the wind conditions are ideal.

Iulian Alexe, head of Axpo’s wind power business in Romania states:

“Like the markets in Germany and France, Romania has enormous potential for the development of wind farms. We work closely with our colleagues in our business. They have been offering tailor-made energy solutions for customers since 2003. According to them, we can combine this experience with the expertise of Axpo Group to develop the business in Romania.”

Axpo is one of Europe’s leading producers and traders of renewable energies. Through its subsidiary Volkswind, the group has developed over 80 wind farms in Germany and France. The group is now focusing on developing new markets such as Romania.

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