Apuiat wind project: 200 MW historic for Quebec


The Apuiat wind project, born of an unprecedented partnership between Quebec and the Innu communities and unveiled on February 4, will be built in 2024. In this project, the Innu communities and Boralex will be 50/50 partners. The wind farm is part of Quebec’s Plan for a Green Economy 2030 (PEV) to produce green electricity. More broadly, it contributes to the diplomatic influence of a Canadian province renowned for its expertise in renewable energy.

The Apuiat wind project is historic for the Innu communities

Commissioning scheduled for December 2024

The Apuiat wind project aims to put into service more than fifty wind turbines for a production of 200 MW of electricity. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022 for commissioning in December 2024.

This park will be located in one of the ancestral territories of the Innu, Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam in Sept-Iles on the Gold Coast. It will be the first one in the region, allowing to start the energy transition towards renewable energy. It could create 300 temporary jobs for construction and 10 permanent jobs for operation.

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A 50/50 partnership between the Innu communities and Boralex

The participation of Aboriginal communities in the Apuiat wind project is a political will. Indeed, the Quebec government wishes to raise awareness of its fight against climate change.

The Innu will obtain 50% of the profits generated by the sale of electricity. They are in partnership with Quebec-based Boralex, a company renowned for its experience in renewable energy production.

Contribute to the influence of Quebec’s environmental policy

The most competitive cost per kWh in Quebec

Through their contract with the state-owned company Hydro-Québec Production, the economic repercussions for the local area would be significant. In this sense, the prices offered would be among the most competitive nationwide with a 17% decrease compared to 2018. Benefits are also expected in another area, that of the visibility of Quebec’s environmental policy.

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99.8% of Quebec’s electricity is generated from renewable sources

Quebec is recognized worldwide for its fight against global warming. With this environmentally friendly project. Currently, the production of electricity is one of the cleanest with 99.8% of the electricity coming from renewable sources, especially hydroelectric.

As François Legault, Quebec’s premier, puts it:

“I am very proud to present a winning project for the Innu communities: winning for Quebec and winning for the planet.

In this sense, in its recent EPI 2030, Quebec has set the objective of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5% compared to 1990. The province also hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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