A Support Program for Innovative Companies in Spain


A support program for small innovative companies in Spain

Several energy companies have announced that they will assist and invest in a program to develop small businesses that contribute to Spain’s post-Covid-19 recovery, Power Technology reveals. This investment program, named Energia Positiva +, received 396 proposals in 13 days. The program’s sponsors selected 12 companies that they believe will have a significant impact on the country’s decarbonization, digitization, and mobility, while taking into account their social impact.

Among the investors is a subsidiary of Spanish energy giant Iberdrola, which said it would contribute $4.73 million (€4.19 million). EIT Innoenergy, a training and investment company, also invested in the project, along with energy products and services provider Disa. The Spanish conglomerate Acciona has also invested, through its innovation subsidiary I’mnovation.

(source : acciona.com)

The nature of the Energia Positiva + program support

The twelve selected small businesses will each receive up to 3 million euros in funding. They will also receive assistance with financing, ordering, training and testing to help them develop their products. The companies cover several areas of sustainable technologies, from training to procurement.

In addition to financial support, innovators will receive assistance to enhance pilot projects and technology development, Smart Energy explains. In some cases, the sponsoring companies will also invest directly or work together to carry out pilot projects.

The selected innovators are: Solatom CSP S.L, Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions S.L (HESSTEC), Pastoria Project, S.L, Nautilus Floating Solutions, S.L, PFT Engineering Development, Light App SL, Cedrion Consultoría Técnica e Ingeniería S.L, Ariema Energía, Cedanjobs (with its product Purefy), Voltaware Services Limited, BeePlanet Factory S.L. and Batterycare SL.

Selected companies:

Cedrion Consultoría Técnica e Ingeniería S.L: Cedrion designs, develops and manufactures cooling devices, based on the “corona effect”, for aeronautical electronic components.

Ariema Energía: company that works on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

BeePlanet Factory S.L.: develops technological projects based on the reuse of electric car batteries.

BeeBattery®Home by BeePlanet Factory (source: beeplanetfactory.com)

Voltaware Services Limited: Voltaware develops technology that samples high-resolution electrical data from a home’s appliances and provides detailed energy analysis to a smart appliance.

Nautilus Floating Solutions, S.L.: Nautilus Floating Solutions is a company that manufactures, operates and maintains floating offshore wind platforms through innovative solutions.

Nautilus Floating offshore wind platforms (source: nautilusfs.com)

Solatom CSP S.L.: Solatom is a technological company dedicated to the development of solar energy systems to generate heat at high temperatures in industrial processes such as fermentation, pasteurization, drying, dyeing, cooking and scalding.

Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions S.L (HESStec): HESStec is a technology solutions provider, pioneering the creation of hybrid energy storage solutions, and optimized in economic terms.

PFT Engineering Development: synthetic gas technology for all types of residues.

Light App SL: computer application and software design company.

Batterycare SL: sales and services of batteries, capacitors and any energy storage device

Pastoria Project, S.: The company specializes in development, construction and consulting in the real estate, infrastructure and energy sectors.

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