A Consortium for Offshore Wind Energy in France

In France, the Mediterranean Sea is conducive to the development of offshore wind energy. The DGEC has just announced the pre-selection of 13 companies for the development of 2 parks. Among them is a consortium comprising TotalEnergies, Qair and Corio Generation.

A consortium is created to develop offshore wind energy in the Mediterranean Sea. Numerous candidates have responded to a call for tenders to develop two floating wind farms. The Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) has shortlisted 13, including the one formed by TotalEnergies, Corio Generation and Qair.

Call for tenders for offshore wind energy in the Mediterranean

France wants to develop 40 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2050. Thus, in the Mediterranean, the competitive dialogue for the AO6 tender is in full swing. It follows the pre-selection of 13 candidates by the DGEC. Among them, a consortium composed of TotalEnergies, Corio Generation and Qair.

In fact, these three companies want to win the contracts for the construction of two floating wind farms. These two parks of 250 MW each should meet the annual electricity consumption of one million people. They will be located off Port-la-Nouvelle (Aude) and Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône).

A consortium with complementary expertise

The partners of this consortium intend, in addition to the parks, to develop a local wind industry. As well, they plan to consult with regional stakeholders. In addition, they will focus on promoting the local economy and creating employment opportunities.

In addition, they will be able to draw on each other’s technical expertise and benefit from solid financial resources. In addition, each of them has a great experience in the offshore wind sector.

As a multi-energy company, TotalEnergies is already developing more than 11 GW of offshore wind projects. Moreover, among them, more than 2 GW are floating projects in France, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

In the second place, we find Corio Generation, the most experienced member of the consortium. In fact, the company has more than 20 GW of projects under development worldwide, including 2.5 GW of floating wind. Corio is a global offshore wind developer and a stand-alone portfolio company of the Green Investment Group.

Qair, a European producer of renewable energy, is not to be outdone. It is indeed a French pioneer in floating wind energy. With more than 30 years of experience, it operates 1 GW of assets and is developing a 20 GW portfolio.

Cooperation that works

In order to win this tender, the consortium can put forward a history of partnerships. Indeed, they have already worked together for a call for tenders for the 250 MW floating wind farm in Brittany.

In addition, Total has worked several times with one or the other of the two partners. This was the case on the Eolmed floating wind project with Qair. The company has also worked with Corio on three wind projects in South Korea, Scotland and the UK.

Representatives of the three companies in the consortium agree that it is a partnership that works. Also, they are happy to work together again.

They also emphasize the importance of accelerating the energy transition and making the best use of renewable resources. According to them, the Mediterranean is the ideal place to develop the floating wind. In addition, it would create many employment and investment opportunities.


Illustration by mahaling nippani

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