A £60M marine energy project in Wales

Green light for marine energy project in Wales

Government approves the project

The UK and Welsh governments have approved a £60 million marine energy project, which is expected to generate £73.5 million a year for the Swansea Bay economy, Energy Live News reports.

The Pembroke Dock Marine project, which is being led by the private sector with the support of Pembrokeshire County Council, will host the “largest facility of its kind in the world”, a 90 square kilometer “demonstration area”.

This facility will allow the deployment of future energy production technologies, including floating wind power. It will also include a technology, innovation and research center provided by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult. Also included in this ambitious plan is the construction of a “marine energy test area” where developers could test their marine energy devices near their base of operations.

Pembroke Dock Marine will help develop the region

NS Energy reports the words of David Simpson, Chairman of Pembrokeshire Council: “Worth £73.5 million a year, Pembroke Dock Marine will also make our economy more resilient in the future by transforming Pembrokeshire and the City Region as a whole into a global best practice example for carbon-free marine energy innovation. With the first phase of the marine energy test area already open last year, we are now ready and fully committed to accelerating work with our partners to deliver the project.”

Andy Jones, general manager of the Port of Milford Haven, told Renews: “Developers, who are already attracted to Pembrokeshire’s energy resources and highly skilled supply chain, will benefit from Pembroke Dock Marine’s commitment to maximizing innovation and operational efficiency as they seek to drive down the cost of marine energy.”

The project is part of the Swansea Bay City Deal. Pembroke Dock Marine is seeking £28 million from the City Deal programme in the coming years, which is expected to leverage a further £32 million of public and private funding.


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source: pembrokeshire.gov.uk

How Pembroke Dock Marine will be organized

The Pembroke Dock Marine Swansea Bay City Deal project is being developed to create a world-class center for marine engineering with an immediate focus on low-carbon marine energy. The project, which is being led by the private sector, is expected to create more than 1,800 jobs over the next 15 years and generate £73.5 million a year for the economy of the Swansea Bay area.

Water Power Magazine presents the project, which consists of the following four elements

  • The Marine Energy Test Area in the Milford Haven Waterway, run by Marine Energy Wales, allowing technology developers to test their marine energy devices close to their base of operations
  • The 90 square kilometer demonstration area in Pembrokeshire, delivered by Wave Hub Limited, which will enable the deployment of future energy generation technologies, including floating wind. It is the largest installation of its kind in the world
  • The Marine Energy Engineering Center of Excellence – a technology, innovation and research center provided by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult
  • Redevelopment of the Pembroke Dock lands, under the direction of the Port of Milford Haven, to provide the necessary infrastructure for the industry as it matures

Pembroke Dock Marine Project in detail

The objectives of the project

From its home port on the Milford Haven Waterway, Pembroke Dock Marine will bring together access to a power source, a highly skilled supply chain, and a new range of services and spaces that will help developers reduce the cost of marine energy through maximum innovation and operational efficiency.

Pembroke Dock Marine’s immediate focus will be to support the growth of wind, wave and tidal flotation technologies, exploring opportunities off the Welsh coast, says Business News Wales. With zero net targets in sight and the potential to stimulate a new export industry, Pembroke Dock Marine will add value to the UK’s economic and environmental objectives. It will enable the region to capture a significant share of this global market.

Each project partner has a specific role

The four partners will each provide a different project element. The Port of Milford Haven will provide upgraded port facilities to support industrial growth; ORE Catapult will provide a Marine Energy and Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) to drive research and innovation; Marine Energy Wales will create pre-agreed Marine Energy Test Areas (METAs) in the waterway to test components and devices at scale; and Wave Hub Ltd will provide the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone (PDZ), an accredited, grid-connected offshore test site.

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